Another Labor Day Show, After a Watercolor Class and Two Acrylic Workshops

Time really does fly, and as it flies, another Labor Day Art Show at Glen Echo arrives.  This year’s show runs from Saturday, September 1, to Monday, September 3, from 12-6 pm.  (For more detail on the event and its history, see my August 28, 2017, post on last year’s show.)  Again I entered two paintings and both were accepted.  Their images appear below.  The painting inspired by Richard Diebenkorn is based on an image from a collection of his works on paper that I picked up at the Matisse-Diebenkorn show at the Baltimore Museum of Art in January 2017.  The painting inspired by Zao Wou-Ki is based on a small ink drawing that appears in the catalogue of the Asian Society’s 2016 “No Limits” show of Lao’s work in New York City.

After Diebenkorn: Work on Paper

After Zao: Streamers No. 1









Images from the watercolor class and the acrylics workshops mentioned above appear on the Prints and Paintings page of this website.  There are five images from Christine Lashley’s late winter portrait and figure watercolor class: three portraits of our male model Harry (he was dressed as an early 19th-century gentleman), a portrait of our female model Mallina (she is much younger and more attractive than the painting suggests), and a figure painting of my son Mark from his playing days as a running back for Penn’s sprint football team; it is based on a photo of Mark that appeared on the cover of the team’s 2001 media guide.  (Time has certainly flown since those days.)

The other six images come from advanced abstract acrylic workshops overseen by Carol Jason this past spring and summer.  I have also included a print of the Zao Wou-Ki ink drawing that inspired the three “Streamers” images on the Prints and Paintings page as well as the “Streamer” entry in the Labor Day Show.  The next abstract acrylic workshop begins in mid-September.  Here we go again.


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