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Some News From Mid-July

As I promised in my May 1 post, three paintings — “Purple Glass,” “Sublime,” and “Christmas Glow” — which I based on the spectacular nature photography of my nephew Dave Pellegini, now appear on the Prints and Paintings page.  (For … Continue reading

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A May 1st Update

Once again I’m conscious of the swift passage of time.  It doesn’t seem like eight months have passed since my last post here, but when I count up the months, there are eight of them.  Not that those eight months … Continue reading

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Another Labor Day Show, After a Watercolor Class and Two Acrylic Workshops

Time really does fly, and as it flies, another Labor Day Art Show at Glen Echo arrives.  This year’s show runs from Saturday, September 1, to Monday, September 3, from 12-6 pm.  (For more detail on the event and its … Continue reading

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Two Art Shows, Two Art World Adventures

I didn’t sell either of the two paintings that were selected for the Labor Day Show, though a friend was surprised to happen upon “Ascending” at the show and surprised me in turn with a photo of it on her … Continue reading

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Progress Report, March 2017

Once again, I’m playing catch-up.  My last post here was in October of last year, but that should not be taken to mean that nothing has happened since then.  A lot has. There have been several developments on the art … Continue reading

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Winter’s Arrival

I regret to report that this coming Sunday’s poetry reading at the Bannockburn community center has been cancelled.  With the entire Washington, D.C., metropolitan area hunkering down in anticipation of a mega-snowstorm arriving later today, the sponsors of the event … Continue reading

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A Progress Report

With lots of expert help from Maureen Ward — see the Welcome! page — and several bouts of what seemed like hand-to-hand combat with the intricacies of WordPress, I have succeeded in incorporating into the website the content that I … Continue reading

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