A Second Volume of Poetry

I am pleased to announce the publication of my second book of poetry, titled Reportings.  (A photo of the cover appears below.)  The book is 118 pages long, includes 31 poems in six sections, and is priced at $19.00.

As was the case with my first book of poetry, Food for a Journey, Antrim House is the publisher, and the publisher himself, Rennie McQuilkin, has thoughtfully provided information about Reportings and its author on the Antrim House website.  He has also included six sample poems from the book, “Suburban Morning,” “East Bay Morning,” “Dilemma Dramatized,” “Interest Revived,” “Pilgrimage,” and “Vigil.”  To review the background information and the poems, go to http://www.antrimhousebooks.com and click on the “Authors” item at the top of the site’s home page.  At present — late November 2019 — because Reportings is Antrim House’s most recent release, the book, with links to the additional information, appears at the top of the “Authors” page.  Over time, as other Antrim House books are published, it will lose that privileged position.  At that time the additional information can be accessed by scrolling through the alphabetical list of authors at the left of the “Authors” page until you reach my name and with it links to the background information and the poems.

The book was printed by the Ingram Content Group of on-demand-printer Ingram Spark, and thanks to Ingram Spark’s extensive distribution system and print-on-demand capacity, it should be possible to order Reportings from any bookstore.  As might be expected, it is already available on Amazon.  The search terms “tom gannon reporting” or “reporting tom gannon” should get you to the correct Amazon page.  (For some reason, Amazon leaves off the “s” in Reportings no matter how many timesI’ve tried to type it in; “reporting” gets the job done.)

As always in my experience, Antrim House publisher Rennie McQuilkin has been enormously helpful in shepherding Reporting from the manuscript’s initial submission through multiple drafts to final publication.  I cannot thank him enough for his support, sound editorial judgment, and extraordinary patience.

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