A Progress Report

With lots of expert help from Maureen Ward — see the Welcome! page — and several bouts of what seemed like hand-to-hand combat with the intricacies of WordPress, I have succeeded in incorporating into the website the content that I had hoped it would contain, in particular, images of both prints and paintings and links to both poems and short stories.  I can also report that in addition to the May 22 reading from Food for a Journey at Politics and Prose, I will be reading from the book at the Bannockburn Clubhouse in Bethesda on Sunday, January 24, and at a reception for the South Bradley Hills Neighborhood Association, also in Bethesda, on Sunday, January 31.  Finally, I can report a matter of profound wonder to me, the receipt on Monday, December 14, of a modest royalty check from Antrim House, the first royalty check I have ever received.

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2 Responses to A Progress Report

  1. Hi Tom, Great news. A reality check — a royalty check! Yes, you are now a published poet with three readings so far next year. Wish I could be there for one of them! I sent your message above to Wally Brown and suggested he subscribe to your website, and get his wife Pat to have the book placed in the Ocean City library where she works. Pretty soon, you’ll be going national! All of which you deserve for such a splendid book of poems. Cheers, Tom


  2. PS Tom, I’m glad you updated your website, with a little help from WordPress! I was hoping you would publish a few short stories, some of which I believe you submitted to the New Yorker (who in their not so infinite wisdom decided not to publish). I just read Server, about being an altar boy, and remember a priest or two who liked a bit of wine when I was an altar boy (I was sacked for sneaking out of procession practice on a Friday afternoon, to which I can only respond: Deo Gratias!). I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the stories. Cheers.


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