An Award and Some Recognition

A Canadian arts organization, Book Excellence Awards, has informed me that Food for a Journey has been chosen as the winner of the organization’s 2016 Book Excellence Award for Poetry.  A year ago, when the book first appeared, my publisher at Antrim House, Rennie McQuilkin, told me that he thought the book might win a prize or tow.   It turns out that he was right.  The prize package that accompanies the award includes access to a variety of promotional and marketing resources, and I look forward to using those resources in the weeks and months ahead.

In addition, three magazines published by universities that have awarded me degrees along the way have taken note of Food for a Journey.  The Spring 2016 issue of Fordham Magazine focuses on the title poem, which deals with, among other things, my 1970 encounter with the late Vince Lombardi, famed football coach and a Fordham alumnus.  The Class Notes section of the Fall 2016 issue of the New York University Alumni Magazine mentions not only the book but my last job before retirement, with the Appellate Section of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.  Finally, the Creative Works section of the Autumn 2016 issue of Notre Dame Magazine contains brief descriptions of three of the book’s poems — “Cloistered Life,” “Food for a Journey,” and “Bargain Hunters” — and in the Class Notes section of the magazine, the Class of 1960’s redoubtable secretary, Joe Jansen, not only mentions the book but recommends a visit to this very website.

As one can imagine, I am extremely grateful to the folks at Book Excellence Awards and to the staffs at all three magazines.

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2 Responses to An Award and Some Recognition

  1. Tom, Congrats on your award and recognition. It’s about time! It is one of the best books of poetry I have ever read, and I remember reviewing it in my blog, saying how great it was. I have recommended it to friends and family and your award gives me another opportunity to promote the book. The Book Excellence Awards have made an excellent choice, and the magazines of Fordham, New York University and Notre Dame have recognised the brilliance of your poetry. Well done, Tom. I look forward to your next book.


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